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Diet : The Most Impactful Climate Action

Source : Meatless Monday

Findings, published in the journal Science, were expanded to reveal that without dietary change, global warming will be unstoppable (Buxton, 2022). Our planet is no longer able to continue to sustain, support, and feed the world population with humans being heavy meat eaters. David Attenborough, a world renowned natural historian and broadcaster argues that changing our diet is imperative. He stresses the fact that nature is our biggest ally. At the present moment, due to our anthropogenic wants, our access to free land is very slim. Because it doesn't cost ANY amount of land to produce fruits and vegetables, Attenborough states that if we had a mostly plant-based diet, we could drastically increase the yield of land we currently have.

Click here to read how our food choices have a direct impact on the health of the planet :


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