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How you can save ~$23 on your next grocery trip.

New research from Oxford University reveals that in countries like Canada, the US and the UK, vegan and vegetarian diets could reduce your food bill costs by one-third.

Cookbook author and chef Miguel Barclay agrees that cutting down meat intake or cutting it out completely, will save you money. As he's written seven budget cookbooks that include hundreds of different recipes, he knows without doubt that vegan and vegetarian meals consistently come in at a much lower price than recipes with meat.

A new study published by Sous Vide Guy titled "Exploring Opinions on Plant-Based Eating" takes a closer look at how Americans think of vegetarian and vegan diets, as well as personal meat consumption. Amongst other things, the study concluded that on average, meat eaters spend $23 more per week on groceries than do vegetarians, vegans, or those who don't eat meat for any reason.


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