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Climate Anxiety into Action 

Our Mission

We are a determined group of individuals that want to put an end to the climate crisis.


Rooted in science and the latest research, our knowledge comes from those with expertise beyond our own. 

To make our vision a reality, we need your help. Turn your passion into action. 

Follow us on LinkedIn & Instagram to learn more about our efforts and witness how you can impact climate change for the better. 

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Forest Fire

"i" can be a part of the solution

Put an end to your climate anxiety and help us deliver this message. 

Be A Volunteer

We are always welcoming individuals that are concerned about climate change and the future of our planet. We understand the immense value that volunteers bring and recognize that without your support, seeing a visible change in our mission would be near impossible. 

Remember that change starts with "i

i will contribute to ending climate change by promoting eco-conscious eating.

Dry Dead Trees
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