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Food Photography

Our Diets Make a Big Impact on Our Climate

Diets high in meat and sugar consumption have a significant impact on our climate.  From GHG Emissions, to deforestation, to clean water usage, what we eat has important climate consequences.

What's Diet4Green?

Diet4Green consists of 3 initiatives that individuals can take for the benefit of themselves, their families, and the planet.

Image by Alisa Golovinska

Plant-Based Diet

Adopting a Plant-Based Diet reduces GHG emissions, the impacts of deforestation, and climate degradation.  Reducing meat consumption has a significant impact on climate change.

Image by manu schwendener

Reduce Sugar

Refined sugar is found in so many foods we consume - and the water consumption required to produce sugar is astonishing!  

By reducing your sugar consumptions you'll save gallons of fresh water. 

Image by vivek sharma

Shop Local

Often we don't realize how far our food has travelled before it reaches our table.  The pollution generated by transporting foods long distances is detrimental.  By asking where your food is sources, and shopping from local suppliers, you can help reduce pollution.

Take Action With Diet4Green

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