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CO2 emissions vs Diet

Published in the journal PLOS Climate, research has revealed that 15 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions comes from the production of meat, dairy, and eggs (Torrella, 2022). The majority of these emissions comes from cattle in the beef and dairy sector. The emissions associated with producing one quarter pound of beef is about the equivalent of driving a car seven miles or charging a smartphone for six months (Pelletier, 2010). In comparison it doesn't cost ANY amount of C02 to produce fruits and vegetables. A recent study conducted by Oxford University indicates that individual carbon footprints can be reduced by 73 percent, simply by switching to a plant-based diet (Buxton, 2022). Do yourself and your environment a huge favor, and adopt a plant based diet, today !

Center of Sustainable Systems, University of Michigan, 2018.

The above diagram displays the greenhouse gas contribution by food type in the average person's diet. As shown in the image, meat consumes over half of greenhouse gas emissions whereas fruits and vegetables make up less than 5% COMBINED.

University of Oxford Article :


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