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The Importance of Diet

As a society, we are witnessing and furthermore experiencing an undeniable health and environmental crisis that stems from our dietary choices. Breaking Boundaries and What The Health are two Netflix documentaries that do a good job at explaining the massive disconnect between what we think is good for us with what is actually good for us. The films maintain the viewpoint that our diets are out of control. Backed by numerous doctors, physicians, athletes, and scientists, one thing is clear and that is the unpopular opinion that animal based products are not good for us. As a matter of fact, they add no nutritional value to our diet whatsoever. Instead, they give us a plethora of health diseases that can include but are not limited to : diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, dementia, and obesity.

Health Impacts of Animal Based Products:

Worldwide, approximately 350 million people have diabetes (Dr. Robert Ratner). As discussed in What The Health, a very common misconception is the thought that sugar was the cause of diabetes. Diabetes is NOT and NEVER WAS caused by eating sugar. The cause of diabetes is actually a diet that builds up the amount of fat into the blood aka a typical meat based, animal based diet” (Dr. Neal Barnard). Processed meat (such as sausage and bacon) are linked to an increase in cancer and can be as dangerous as smoking. Within minutes of meat going into our mouths, inflammation occurs, paralyzing our arteries. Damage is caused not 10 years down the road, but right then and there. A plant based diet is the only diet known today that is capable of reversing even the most dire health conditions and diseases.

Environmental Impacts of Animal Based Products:

Don't just do it for yourself, do it for the planet. Our planet is incapable of being able to sustain and feed the world population with humans being heavy meat eaters. To make one single POUND of beef, it takes the equivalent of not showering for 3.5 months. In comparison, a plant based diet doesn't cost any amount of land or C02. Additionally, it can reduce water consumption by up to 50% and can reduce your carbon footprint by 73% (Oxford University, 2018).

Click the following link to watch What The Health Documentary :

Click the following link to watch Breaking Boundaries Documentary :


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