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One Iced Coffee for a year...

If you were to consume 1 Iced Coffee for a whole year, you would be consuming approximately 1,642 teaspoons of sugar OR 15 pounds of sugar.

That's the equivalent of filling up 76 bathtubs with water!

Here's How :

1 pound of cane sugar = 213 gallons of water

If you multiply 213 by 15 = 3,195

15 pounds of sugar = 3,195 gallons of water

The average bathtub requires 42 gallons of water to fill up

If you take 3,195 gallons of water and divide it by 42, you're left with 76 bathtubs.

Curious to know how much sugar is in your coffee-chain order ?

Figure 1 : CBC News

As shown in the image, 1 Medium Double Double from Tim Hortons contains 21g of sugar. That's the equivalent of consuming a Caramilk bar. It's no secret that a vast majority of people drink coffee in the morning - most often stopping by at coffee shops like Tim Hortons, Starbucks, and Dunkin Donuts before heading into work. Has your perspective changed now that your daily coffee is the equivalent of consuming one whole chocolate bar before starting your day ?

Figure 2 : CBC News

As shown by the image on the left, 1 Grande Matcha Green Tea Latte from Starbucks has 6 teaspoons of added sugar. Matcha is perceived to be a healthier option with health benefits. However, because chains like Starbucks tamper with the organic powder by adding sugar / sweetener to it, the healthy aspects of the drink are overpowered by the not so healthy and nutritious parts. Dietician Stefania Palmeri, suggests if you're looking to have matcha for its health properties, have a plain green tea instead.

Watch the following video by CBC Marketplace to learn more :


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