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David Attenborough

Attenborough Documentaries

David Attenborough is a world renowned natural historian and broadcaster, who many deem to also be a living legend. While his name might slip your mind, his voice is certainly hard to forget. Having witnessed monumental moments in history such as WW2, the breakthrough of technology and all of its advancements, and most notably establishing such an inspirational career, he is living quite an extraordinary life. Attenborough has extensively traveled the world, hitting all 7 continents & a majority of countries in between.

One of his most notable contributions is the way in which he urges the masses - through his various films and documentaries, to stop and realize the damage we are inflicting upon the very home that keeps us alive. His films act as his witness statements and explain his vision of the future; with hopes that it reaches audiences all over the world with the message that if we stop doing things blindly, we can reverse the damage we've caused and make things right. Attenborough emphasizes that there is still hope to make a difference. We just need to act, now.

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